Hello and welcome to my website!

Take a peek at my book trailer for Staverton.

I’ve always loved books. I adore exploring new characters and worlds, and a number of story ideas of my own were forever rolling around in my head. Writing them down seemed to be the next logical step.

So I did.

Last year, I sat down and wrote Staverton. To my surprise, I actually finished writing the story. I just had to know how it ended. Now I am hard at work on my next book!

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If you would like to discover more about Staverton check out the blurb below. You can purchase the ebook for $2.99 from Amazon.com and £1.99 from Amazon.co.uk


Staverton is my first book. It is a coming-of-age story filled with romance and mystery.

Staverton by Caidan Trubel

After the death of her parents, seventeen-year-old Lucy Carter dreams about being part of a family again. Her best friend, Caroline Harrington, has a family that seems perfect, but dark secrets lurk beneath the surface. 

Lucy spends a glorious summer with the Harringtons at Staverton, their vast family home in Devon. At first, Lucy is seduced by the beauty of the place and envies her friend’s lifestyle. But one summer’s night, her life is shattered by a terrifying tragedy that haunts everyone for years to come. 


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